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Hip hopping on Fire Is Gold

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Hiphopfestival Fire Is Gold adorned last Saturday for the second time park Three Fountains in Vilvoorde. Skaters and break-dancers showed their tricks, though especially the many rappers and dj’s that movement caused.

Over the past few years, hip-hop more and more foot on shore at large festivals. But a festival that only around hip-hop runs, that we had not. It attracted this year over 5,500 fans, of which 1,500 more than last year. ‘A new date, lower admission prices and the good weather helped, of course,” says co-organiser Bart Novel. With his event agency Atmosphere Architects, he organizes also dance festivals Wecandance, Laundry Day and Elrow Town.


Fire Is Gold advertises itself as a ” music, sports and fashion festival. That order also gives the importance. “Our visitors buy their ticket, of course, for the artists. But also sport and fashion are important to us. In terms of sports graffiti, basketball, bmx and breakdance important within the hip-hop.’ Inevitable also was the Football world cup. The Dutch dj’s of FC Going on had to be defeated at the match of the Red Devils, and also Blu Samu had during the rest of effort to the fans to the main stage to lure.

The modegeheelte includes two stands from shoes and jeans, something that barely interest seems to be. Not necessary: the majority of the festival goers has thought carefully about his or her Instagram-made outfit. White camouflagebroeken and vissershoedjes, shirts from Raf Simons and track suits from the secondhand shop: they appear to be popular with the mostly young fans who take their smartphone is never far away stitches.

“C’est un peu du carnaval’, noted the Inhabitants of L’or Du Commun amused after they the public in a pogo were to break out. The wildest was in there during the set of TEKASHI 6IX9INE, the most controversial artist on the bill. With a lot of bells and gunshots fired he put on his fans, while his personal bodyguard, never a few feet from his side week. Also another controversial artist XXXTentacion could not be missing. The previous week, shot American rapper got a banner at the skate park when the visitors a message could be left. Bad vibes forever’ and ‘Rest in beats’, but also ‘You deserved it’.


It is not illogical that Fire Is Gold just last year for the first time was organised. According to figures from international research firm Nielsen shows that rap and r&b last year for the first time more popular than rock with American listeners. The genre resulted in four of the five nominated albums for the Grammy Album of the year’. And then you’ve got the biggest American festival Coachella, which this year not a single band at the top of the poster put, but opted for The Weeknd, Beyoncé, and Eminem. Hip-hop is teeming, and not only by the gettoblaster in the skate park.

Some speed runs in Belgium, it is not yet, already bubbling there are a lot of remains that still less under the radar. Roméo Elvis, the voice of la capital d’un pays qui va mal, is big in France and Canada. The other hiphopheersers Nitrogen may be back in New York to play. In Vilvoorde was captain Pregnant Guy only booked, although he could not resist to buddies on to drum of Le 77, Nitrogen-mc Jazz and the Antwerp rapper NAG. ‘Thanks to the organization to us here to bring together. We must continue to focus on the small Belgian scene.’

Rapping for their own church

That little Belgian scene was well represented with artists from both Flemish and Walloon cities. Only, it remains a relatively small niche, what makes it that big hiphopfamilie on a genrefestival if this is what incestuous can go to the touch. That was already the case with a number of djs who last year has also been behind the turntables were. It was also mainly done for their own church. ‘A nichefestival is less challenging, because you know in advance that the people you know and like. I find it more exciting to be on the small and varied festivals”, remarked Antwerp rapper DVTCH NORRIS after his show.

The organization wants the festival to steadily grow. ‘Positive, chill atmosphere, we want to be sure to keep. With that, we reach a very diverse audience. That such a thing can be without incident, it is actually incredibly’, decision Bart Novel.

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