From where come the jerseys in Villa Sporza?

22dcd026b050fce6e4ca7145c0b75f1b - From where come the jerseys in Villa Sporza?

In Villa Sporza gets Karl Vannieuwkerke every day a voetbaltruitje out of the closet. The special jerseys of ditto sportsmen. The jerseys come from dealers, collectors, and ex-football players, according to The Newspaper. Of course, all that voetbaltruitjes not original; they are really in a safe deposit box should be kept. “There are real jerseys between,” says editor-in-chief Leendert Derck of Sporza, “but that we have saved for the coming weeks. Then it goes to original jerseys that one specific player were worn. Frank Vercauteren had still a lot are. He exchanged after the match won against the Soviet Union in 1982, a sweater and that kept. The nice thing is that we have picture of that change.”

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