Fraud and violence, and some of the Turkish polling stations

c1f746585579da38a0ec438adf5815af - Fraud and violence, and some of the Turkish polling stations

The Turkish elections had a record attendance of at least 87 percent. Here and there was the ballot, have been marred by voter fraud and violence.

There, I went into Sunday night already reports of massive voter fraud in the province of Urfa. That is the south-eastern border area between Syria and Turkey, where the pro-Kurdish HDP traditionally a lot of followers. The OSCE, the international security organisation that election monitors says that they are no observers should send to the area.

According to Mehmet Celebi, the representative of the largest opposition party, CHP, were local election observers in thirty villages in Urfa violently barred from the buildings. Kurdish media even reported that the pro-Turkish militias from Afrin were achieved to ‘vote’. The Turkish High Verkiezingsraad (YSK) has promised to examine the case. Meanwhile, it seems the HDP, however, the new electoral threshold to have been met.

In cities such as Istanbul, Izmir and Ankara were (isolated) instances of aggression at the polls reported, or sporadic irregularities in the supervision or transportation of ballots. A representative of the rechtsnationalistische IYI-party of Meral Aksener, was shot dead in a quarrel at a polling station. He is at least the fifth dead that falls in violence during the election.

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