’Ex wants 50 million pounds of Ant McPartlin’

8589664fb989d529e782a5b11ae41a60 - ’Ex wants 50 million pounds of Ant McPartlin’

The wife of Ant McPartlin send to a vechtscheiding. The 42-year-old Lisa Armstrong is 50 million pounds (57 million euro) requirements of the 42-year-old British television presenter, known from the duo Ant & Dec. That writes Mail on Sunday. It would be Britain’s most expensive divorce can be.

Last week it was revealed that Ant has a relationship with his personal assistant, Anne-Marie. To the dismay and anger of Lisa. “Now it is hard against hard”, would Armstrong have said after them through the media learned of the new love of Ant. She is willing to fight for everything that belongs to her’. Lisa would have on the half of Ants fortune, some as much as 70 million pounds (60 million euros), the miljoenenvilla in London where they lived together, their dog and a portion of the future income of the presenter.

“She is very loyal towards Ant in a period in which not only is extremely difficult for him, but also for her. She is also very understanding about his alcohol addiction. At the end of two years by a hell gone while they are him desperately trying to save from destruction,” says a friend of Lisa. “She is also the breaking of the news about his new girlfriend. It feels as if her huge injustice is done.”

McPartlin and Armstrong were almost 25 years together, 12 years married. At the end of last year, they made known that they broke up.

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