European leaders focus on migratiedossier

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Sixteen European heads of state and government on Sunday convened in Brussels for an informal European summit on the asylum and migration policy. That comes at the initiative of German chancellor Angela Merkel.

The summit is seen as a preparation for the European Council of Thursday and Friday. There are today not yet right decisions expected on this thorny dossier, moreover, it is doubtful that the member states at the end of next week to do a comprehensive European solution.

France and Spain broke Saturday already the case for closed vluchtelingencentra in Europe. There, migrants must go as soon as they are in Europe, have arrived. They would remain there until their asylum application has been studied.

For that idea to succeed, it must, however, European solidarity and immediate financial support. It is of most other member states is not yet clear how they feel.

‘Bilateral solution’

Merkel hopes at this stage, especially for the quick bilateral and multilateral agreements to conclude with other member states. She received her Interior minister Horst Seehofer to the end of this month the time to find a solution for the German asielprobleem. If not, then the CSU-head of the German border close.

The German chancellor, said on arrival in Brussels that by the end of this week, no general European solution. “But it is also bilateral and trilateral solutions, about how we can help each other. It is searching a term, common solution, ” she said.

Italian counter-proposal

For Merkel, it is especially an agreement with Italy is crucial. That country captures a large part of the refugees, but there seems to be with the new populist government under prime minister Giuseppe Conte is not ready for more responsibility. The new Italian prime minister said Sunday that he is with a new Italian proposal’. More details he gave, is, according to Conte, a radically different approach to the subject, ” she said.

The French president Emmanuel Macron stressed that the solution must be based on the European values of solidarity and cooperation, or whether a solution is with 28 member states or not.” “Solidarity keeps us together. Let us not forget where we come from, and who we are.’

Hungary absent

In the meantime, to oppose Hungary, Poland, the Czech republic and Slovakia opposed the French plan of closed vluchtelingencentra in Europe. They went down not in Brussels. They will receive the support of the relatively new Austrian government under the leadership of Sebastian Kurz, who is in Brussels.

Upon arrival at the Berlaymont repeated premier Charles Michel, the Belgian point of view: a strict control of the external European borders and a reform of the dublin regulation, which governs which state in Europe is responsible for handling an asylum application. About any shelters for migrants in a third country, I want to first clarify all the terms and conditions, ” said the premier.

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