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ETHBerlin: Hackathon receives own Token

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In September, a Ethereum Hackathon took place in Berlin. For the event, a dedicated Token is to be created. The name BRLNCoin baptized Token will be part of an Ethereum-based reward system.

Berlin has a reputation as a ideal breeding ground for Startup companies in a name. The crypto scene is pulsing in the capital, which is reflected in numerous events around the theme of the Blockchain. A particularly popular Format of the Hackathon: programmers ‘ codes in order to bet and try to within the shortest period of time, to present their results. The winner will receive a prize usually money. Also lectures and Workshops belong to the profile of Hackathons.

From the seventh to the ninth of September, such a Hackathon is to be held in the capital with the ETHBerlin. In the centre applications for the Etherum, we want Blockchain. The organizers have done with The Bounties of the Network together in order to create the ETHBerlin a private Token. The Bounties Network has developed an eponymous dApp, which allows rewards for various tasks. The rewards will be distributed in the Form of Ether, or of any ERC20-Token. A look at the Website of the dApp reveals that it is in the Tasks so far, mainly programming technical questions – ideal for a Hackathon.

BRLN-Token is to survive Hackathon

The thought is probably also ETHBerlin and The Bounties of the Network, as they decided in may to have their cooperation. The Bounties Network has recently made good experiences with event-specific Tokens, and this concept will now be transferred to ETHBerlin. The Token will carry the name BerlinCoin (BRLN) and is based on the ERC20-Standard. As a template of the Colorado Coin (COLO) is developed, The Bounty Network on the occasion of the Boulder Startup Week in Colorado.

The BRLN-Token is to be used during the ETHBerlin, in order to give the speakers a “drinking money” and to reward the fulfillers of Tasks. In addition, the Coin should also be used after the end of the hackathon. It is planned that he will also find it for other blockchain-related events in Berlin and the vicinity as a means of payment to use.

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