Erdogan to head as the largest part of votes is counted

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ISTANBUL – Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his AK party seem to be after the counting of more than eighty percent of the votes in the elections on Sunday to be heading in the profit, but if he is a critical threshold, it becomes a ’close call’.

According to the national media, Erdogan, after fifty percent of the votes counted, to head 53.6 percent. His biggest rival Muharrem Ince, from the centre-left CHP, with 30,3 percent. The rise would be above 85 percent.

The opposition proposes questioning the ’live’ count of state-owned media such as Hürriyet. A spokesman for Ince’s CHP party claims that the coverage is focused on ” the results of the election’. On the basis of own data, scored the president at no time more than 48 percent, according to the party.

Haven’t decided yet

Incidentally, the outcome is still not final. In the past, reported state news agency Anadolu, after the closing of the polling stations invariably a large lead of Erdogan. As the evening progressed, it was getting smaller and smaller. Also it now runs on the edge of the Erdogan back, but only to a small degree.

Actually, only one question still relevant: remains Erdogan is above 50 percent? He has an absolute majority necessary for a new term. He reaches that threshold, then it follows on 8 July a second round, with only one opponent.


At the same time with the presidential elections there are also elections. Also leading the AK party, with 44 percent of the vote. The outcome is based on 65 percent of the votes are counted. The CHP party has 22 percent, MHP eleven and the pro-Kurdish HDP ten.

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