Drugged with 200 km/h on the highway

51207e1d6a933a9151f0da47c395befe - Drugged with 200 km/h on the highway

PASSAU – chased by the police swept a thirty years ‘ German in the night from Saturday to Sunday, with sometimes 200 kilometers per hour on the A3 in the south of Germany. The man was found under the influence of drugs to condition.

The police continued with a number of vehicles in the chase when the man at the border at Passau suddenly gas gave and struck. Because of the high speeds got the police to him initially not to address. The drugged driver, that is also a piece against the traffic in reed, called eventually for unknown reasons, the emergency number of the police. A social worker knew him to run over to the police to surrender.

He seemed to have no driver’s licence and the car of his father to have stolen. The police brought the man, who is a confused impression, to a psychiatric institution.

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