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DJ Carl: the true valve of Graspop

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‘The metalpubliek is more tolerant: if you are now, Limp Bizkit turns, they throw no pints to your head’.
Twenty-year connect DJ Carl Graspop off as if it was for himself. After all the violence on the main stages, he keeps the feast in the popular Classic Rock Café ranging up to four hours at night, with the best of fifty years of heavy metal history. ‘As the headliner play badly for some, is it me immediately.’

It feels almost like a scoutsfuif when you, after midnight, walk into the Classic Rock Café on the Graspopwei. But then one of the good kind: the temperature is high, the beer flows richly, and people dancing, loudly singing on tables. The master of puppets in which everything sits behind a laptop, on a small stage in the back of the tent: DJ Carl.

Carl Grillet (49) to close out the festivities at Graspop already, since 1998, two years after the erstwhile rock festival is omschoolde to a metalmeeting. ‘Programmator Bob Schoenmaekers is a childhood friend, ” says Grillet. ‘On woensdagnamiddagen we were at his home in albums to share. When he got me the first time at Graspop invited was the atmosphere on the campsite. I sat there with poor speakers and a ramshackle dj table, but it was immediately boenk erop.’

In the years that followed was Grillets name synonymous with late night hours on the Stenehei. Long, he was allowed the night owls entertain in the Metal Dome-tent, but since the Classic Rock Café in 2014 has been raised, is he there. ‘The tent is smaller, but I think also a lot of fun. Because you’re not on a stage, you also have a better view on the vibe. I see, for example, often the T-shirts that the people in the tent are wearing to know what I should play. That is a great advantage of a festival like Graspop, where everyone’s musical preference pop his back. Also the hairstyles and clothing help: if they are oldschool pinnenbandjes wear, you know that Manowar must establish.’


Who after the last headliner just wants to jump in in the Classic Rock Café, must what to talk about: often there is a queue to the small tent inside. ‘It is always full, until four in the morning’, grins Grillet. “The only thing decreases is that queue.’

Grillet considers his café as a place of refuge for those who have not yet wants to go home. ‘The metal that is here during the day, it sometimes demands too much concentration of people. This year there was, for example, Heilung, shamanic pagan metal from Lapland. Enter for the Canvas viewer under the metalfans, but also want her to agree to shake. How many people there drops off to the Classic Rock Café, you will notice how good or bad the headliner is in progress. Especially with classic rock acts with a few years on the counter, such as The Scorpions or Guns ‘n Roses, you know that it can sometimes be disappointing. The rap for me. But if they are doing a good job, such as Guns this year, you get another generatiemix. Now, it was full of fans of grunge and Linkin Park.’

Twenty years of turning noticed Grillet especially an increased openness in the metalpubliek. ‘Everything is okay, now. I still remember that I was ten years ago Skunk Anansie turned: the pints flew to my head. But now, Limp Bizkit or Kiss intentionally, do even the black metal guys. Earlier days, people went ostentatiously to the outside when certain disks. Now they will all remain standing. On that level, is a dj and also a bit of psychology: if you are first time what old-school thrash metal plays, you get more credit then Bon Jovi in the mix to throw.’

Coyote Ugly

This can be seen on the balconies at the café: there are some older metalliefhebbers parked with a pint in hand. At Robert Palmers ” Bad case of loving you’ they leave no muscle, but with thrash classic ‘Toxic Waltz’ by Exodus, they put it on a headbanging. And when is a gate ‘Unskinny bop’ passes, they get all their smartphone up to film. Though that had more to do with the young lady for Grillets stage a sensual dance is hot up.

“Since 2012, the Foxy Firecrackers part of my show,” says Grillet. “Those are three young ladies from Germany, who help me to get the Classic Rock Cafe and a Coyote Ugly bar. The nice thing about women is: they are young, but know the music very well. That is important because a dancer with a different background would be for this audience never as exciting work. But there is one important rule: it may be erotic, but not vulgar. It makes enough for a schism in the audience: the men taking a step forward, the women look with a look of: do that now, really?’

Twenty years Graspop has Grillet also learned which boards are always the flame in the pan. ‘Twisted Sisters ‘We’re not gonna take it’ was in the 90’s for example, not done, but since the 2000s, the absolute classic of become. Epic crackers as ” Battle hymns of Manowar, and ‘Fear of the dark’ by Iron Maiden are, of course, evidenties. But the biggest surprise came when a friend brought me insistently ‘Dos Cervezas’ Tom Waes delivered on a usb-stick. I have that with a afraid heart set up, but I assure you: I have never seen such a gigantic hassle seen. Only the foreigners were hopeless in the war.’

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