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Dead Cross. The Marquee packed in hawaïhemd

a9e2fd6189e1d28df7266c3e14ab8443 - Dead Cross. The Marquee packed in hawaïhemd

The story goes that Dave Lombardo, the man who in a few iconic Slayer albums behind the drums sat, the initiative has taken for this group.

He took with his new band the Dead Cross a lot of songs on it and sent it to Mike Patton. Or he there is something to be able to sing? Grunten? Roar? Live is, however, clear that Patton’s the case wearing.

In hawaïhemd and short pants, he puts the Marquee into his hand. Not have a full Marquee, on the main stage are Judas Priest and Ozzy to have a blast. But who Dead Cross wants to survive has to have something more killler instinct is necessary. Compromises are not welcome, where people go for the kill.

It is with rhythms, smuggled, vocals go through a computer that non-trained listeners are lost. Patton growled, Lombarde mound. Not to direct plates out of order, but certainly interesting.

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