CSU-vice-president calls for support for Merkel

b747d44a4da7c6e1e5436047ae3aa02d - CSU-vice-president calls for support for Merkel

Deputy chairman of the CSU Manfred Weber, speaking in the German media shortly before the European summit its support for Angela Merkel. The chancellor of the greater zusterpartij CDU is located in own country under fire due to the migration. Especially with CSU chairman and minister of Home Affairs Horst Seehofer is Merkel on a collision course.

Just before the informal summit on migration policy on Sunday and the European summit on 28 and 29 June in Brussels, calls Weber to rest. “This week, there are results in the migratiethema at the European level’, says the deputy CSU chairman, who is also leader of the conservatives in the European parliament (EPP). ‘Now we have the chancellor’s support, so that they are in the EU the German interests can defend.’

The splijtzwam within the German government’s migration policy. CSU party chairman and minister of Home Affairs, Horst Seehofer wants a harder policy, and suggested that Merkel earlier for an ultimatum. After the European summit no European settlement from the bus comes to migrants living in Germany to arrive back to be able to send to the countries where they are first registered, then wants to Seehofer asylum seekers begin to return to the German borders.

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