Bv-barber quits

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After nine years, attracts business manager Jochen Vanhoudt (41) of salon Clientology the door of his business in Antwerp and Gent behind her back. “The commute was too tiring for me,” he says in The Latest News. Vanhoudt truncates o.a. Danira Boukhriss Terkessidis, Olga Leyers, Véronique De Kock and Ann Van Elsen, Annelien Coorevits… “Six days on seven, I sat in the car,” explains Jochen. “I thought that was ok as the thirties, but since I was forty, I have it there is more difficult. Therefore, I decided to get out of Clientology. The team of The Make (the chain which Clientology arose, eds.) will ensure that both business will continue to run. That is not to say that I stop as a hairdresser. This summer I open a pop-upkapsalon in the Beauty & Lifestyle Academy of Lesley-Ann Poppe. Afterwards follows a new case in Antwerp.”

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