Brides of Lucifer coming to the Lotto Arena

13e5bacb08290fb7baf054e9ffccbfce - Brides of Lucifer coming to the Lotto Arena

Brides of Lucifer debuted last year at Graspop Metal Meeting, one of Europe’s largest and leading metal and hard rock festivals. The high expectations, we did effortlessly as a headliner in the Marquee, twice. Thirteen Brides, dressed in satanic costumes, along with a 6 piece band delivered an amazing show that set them on public and media very favorable reviews to date. “The revelation at Graspop was Brides of Lucifer” headlined The Latest News. “Ask just about any festivalbezoeker of Graspop Metal Meeting 2017: Brides of Lucifer was one of the sensations of the festival” drew Studio Brussels.

No greater contrast between divine female vocals and stinging hard rock guitars, and yet, we know Steven Kolacny (Scala & Kolacny Brothers), Koen Buyse (Zornik) and Ives Mergaerts the sublime to a unique band in the metal genre. Thirteen wonderful women(voices) combine the brute force of cutting guitars and pounding drums in a unique and original jacket, that is Brides of Lucifer.

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