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Bitconnect: police suspected of murder of the wife of the CEO

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The Australian police three months after the Disappearance of the wife of John Bigatton, the former managing Director of Bitconnect, of a murder. It has intensified the investigation of a possible extortion, or other monetary backgrounds of the disappearance to uncover. Among other things, the investigators also seek to the business model of the company.

The mother of two Madeline Bigatton disappeared in front of around three months, in the vicinity of their house in Sydney, Australia. 25. March has seen you the last Time you sold your daughter’s friends. She is missing since her departure for Kurnell. The local police found her empty car on the same day on the coast. You are still searching for two men who are said to have been in possession of your car key.

The Bitconnect Coin (BCC) fell from 390 euros to a few cents within a few days.

Until Recently, the police went out due to the closure of Bitconnect and the injunctions of the securities exchange of Texas from a possible suicide. The controversial platform was closed, the in-house Token name Bitconnect Coin (BCC) is now as good as worthless. The operators was due to the enormous Profit, the maintenance of a snow ball system, get accused of that 40 percent. The couple of neighbors-lasting rumored money troubles. Critics speculate that Bitconnect used the deposits of new customers to the existing customers, the promised winnings. The in-house Token lost after the announcement of the closure of Bitconnect about 90 percent of its value, the price is currently below one Euro per BCC.

Meanwhile, the murder of the wife of the entrepreneur, because at Bitconnect proven countless investors of their money. It is believed that one of the disappointed investors could have perpetrated revenge on the wife of John Bigatton. The FBI, meanwhile, against Bigatton because of its business practices. Because of the disappearance of the two-fold mother, have so far been taken against the former managing Director, no investigation.

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