Alec Baldwin invites Melania Trump from

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Alec Baldwin has First Lady Melania Trump invited to agree on is to dive in Saturday Night Live, the sketchshow which the actor already times with success her husband Donald imitates. On Twitter, he has Melania called to come because of the controversy around her ’I don’t care’-jacket. According to the actor, there is a message behind.

“Dear Melania, we know what you think and what you feel”, begins Alec his invitation. “You are able to vibrate with expectation. Trembling with renewed courage. Come, come to the light. We welcome you as a hero in a way you never thought possible.”

In a second tweet posted Alec an old picture from 2007 in which he, with Melania poses. “We have a seat for you ready in the vanity area.” Saturday Night Live was Melania previously gepersifleerd by Cecily Strong.

The coat of Melania made last week for the necessary fuss. On the back is the inscription: “I really don’t care, do You?” (I really don’t care, you did?). Melania wore the jacket during a trip to a detentieoord for minors at the Mexican border in Texas.

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