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Akon is planning its own Cryptocurrency called AKoin for a new crypto-city

3e4c34c0325f83b6743f81ee9b98ac15 - Akon is planning its own Cryptocurrency called AKoin for a new crypto-city

Akon, is an American singer, Songwriter, businessman, record producer and Grammy award winner, launches its own Cryptocurrency “AKoin” for use in his new African “Akon Crypto City,” reported Page Six on may 19. June. The singer also said that he was thinking about getting into politics and said he was ready to fight not only the President of Donald Trump, but also Kanye West in the year 2020, in the election campaign.

Akon has spent years Lighting Africa. The project aims to increase the use of Solar energy in Africa. The singer presented his Vision for crypto-currencies at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. The project “Lighting Africa”, which provides power in 15 African countries. The first step of this project is to install solar street lamps and small power systems.

“I think crypto-currencies and Blockchain could act as a Savior of Africa. The technology will return Power to the people, brings security into the currency System, and allows for the personal progress of people, without that they are kept by their governments,“ said Akon

Akon is planning to release a “city that is based 100% on crypto” on 2,000 acres of Land to finish that by the Senegalese President. According to AKoin’s Website Akon Crypto City will use the currency AKoin for any transactions.

It is a project that offers a Wealth of digital and realistic platforms and experiences. In addition, young entrepreneurs are provided opportunities and inclusion, by allowing consumers to buy crypto-currencies directly from your Smartphone via a Blockchain-based series of Apps to keep and spend.

On the question of his possible presidential run and the way he deal with Donald Trump and Kanye West would have said Akon:

“It will be an entertaining and certainly interesting. I’m going to criticize Trump, therefore, it is likely that Kanye will be offended because he likes Trump. Probably Kanye will criticize, therefore, me. Then I’m going to criticise Kanye, and Trump will be offended, because he likes Kanye and, therefore, Trump will criticize me. Therefore, the debate will turn in the end, to me, it is a perfect Plan, a master plan.“

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