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World refugee day, identity crises and Blockchain

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The world refugee day lights question the Identity for which the Blockchain technology is an effective identity solution can create a solution that is flexible, reliable and sustainable, and at the same time the transition conditions of refugees.

World refugee day

The UN defines a refugee as someone who had to flee his/her country because of persecution, war or violence. The world refugee day reminds us of the problems faced by millions of people every day. Since may, approximately 25.4 million refugees around the world have fled their homes to escape violence and persecution. Some countries are trying to tackle the Problem.

In 2015, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has set a policy of “open door”. This has led to more than 1.4 million immigrants poured into the country. The Integration of the refugees into the society does not run always smoothly. This is partly due to the identification. Worldwide, there are more than 1.1 billion people without ID.


Social Alpha Foundation is a non-profit organization that grants for the support of social Blockchain-awards development.

AID:Tech is a company that is working the way governments, NGOs and companies, digital credentials offer to change.

“Refugees, particularly those in protracted crises, and are vulnerable, especially when we consider the challenge of identity. Refugees must not only formulate their personal identity to achieve a sense of belonging, but also from a legal, social and political point of view. The Problem is more complex than each individual an identity card to assign as global crises around the world are different, and refugees and their Situation is constantly changing.“ Joseph Thompson, Co-Founder

Shyft Network uses Blockchain technology to create a secure digital identity solution for multiple stakeholders to manage the KYC / AML attested data transfers. The solution dissolves the traditional identity needs. The problems we face today are unique.

The platform will be those who have documents, no Identity, the possibility of gain to the global economy, participate in, and build credibility – no matter where you are located.

“Our Team of Shyft believes that identity is a right and not a privilege. We develop ourselves to a world in which geography determined the fate, and that must change. We experience millions of refugees, migrants and asylum seekers who cross borders to escape the violence and a better life for themselves and their families to build, to fail only by institutional barriers.“CEO Bruce Silcoff

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