Woman walks weeks with live subcutaneous parasite in the face

Moscow – A 32-year-old woman came with complaints to the doctor. They had weeks a moving bump in her face. First under eye, then over her eyelid and then her upper lip. What was the result? It was a living parasite, which is up to 30cm long can be.

The 32-year-old Russian woman was for the first complaints when they came back from a holiday in the countryside near Moscow. There appeared a small bump under her eye. Five days later appeared the bump above her eyelid and 10 days of leave was her top lip on the jump.

Doctors cuts her lip open and tore an enormous parasite. The worm known as Dirofilaria repens, is fortunately not common in people. “The parasite can be up to ten years old,” says Dr. Jorgen Kurtzhals, a professor at the university of Copenhagen to CNN.

The only way for the parasite to remove it is to a small incision in the skin and then the worm to remove.

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