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With the Germans you never finished: die Mannschaft to avoid drama against Sweden in the 95th minute

50490a7594c170864b8e7fbae5028473 - With the Germans you never finished: die Mannschaft to avoid drama against Sweden in the 95th minute

The abyss ogled. Germany looked into the gaping mouth of the shutdown, but a hit in the 95th (!) minute decided otherwise. Die Mannschaft lives again. No first elimination in the first round in eighty years, a great boost with the eye on the remainder of the tournament. 1-2 win against Sweden. With – or despite? – the well-known football. National coach Joachim Löw pulls being equal.

We thought all the ex-internationals, to what they this time would scream. What could still plastischer than “the body language of a dead frog,” such as Mario Basler Mesut Özil described? After tonight, they had plenty of ammunition, we thought. 23 June 2018 announced as a day of national mourning. Exactly eighty years after die Mannschaft to a world cup in the first round had to leave in 1938 they started with the eighth-finals – would be the back of dattum. The defending champion was ready to the list of world champions France (1998), Italy (2006) and Spain (2010), four years after their title, the group stage is not doorkwamen to join. Damage Jogi, alles ist vorbei: It would be a wonderful headline were on the front page of Bild.

Exponent Duckweed

The exponent of this misery was finally the hero of the nation: Toni Duckweed. Spared by the mass after the loss against Mexico was the midfielder against Sweden, a new chance. He, however, Özil, Sami khedira cope and Mats tiny toddlers were by coach Joachim Löw for sporting purposes to the bank referred to. But Duckweed was not at home. With a ziekenhuisballetje he led the 0-1 from Sweden in. In the bargain, he arrived late to the scoring Marcus Berg to stop that with a subtle lobe and both Antonio Rüdiger as Manuel Neuer devoured. Than had actually already 0-2. Mountain was something for fifteen minutes, deep sent, Jérôme Now, picked him up wrong down in the sixteen but referee Szymon Marciniak saw no hesitation in. Just like the VAR, for incomprehensible reasons, not intervened. The Fisht Stadium in Sochi is apparently bewitched: previously, there was a time strike from Diego Costa in the Spain – Portugal with the mantle of charity, covered.

The Germans were at that time ripe for the slaughter. Just as against Mexico, was the balance between attack and defense search. Sebastian Rudy filled the holes in the early stages, but that was after an unfortunate neusbreuk early on to be replaced by the much aanvallender set Ilkay Gundogan. It made of die Mannschaft an unstable whole. Löw had to intervene, the rest came as called. The coach pointed his society during the pause in her duties and brought with Mario Gomez an extra lightning rod in the team. It had immediate results. While half of the Swedish defense occupied himself with Gomez could Marco Reus just after resting a cross from Timo Werner to redeem. 1-1. For Giant his first world cup goal. It was the signal for the men of Jogi to stand on. What followed was a barrage of shots in the direction of Swedish goalkeeper Robin Olsen. A redeeming goal seemed only a matter of time, but the minutes passed and the chances continued to be missed. Sixty, seventy, minute, eighty: on the couch, rub, smoke, and friemelde is gradually to death. The turnaround seemed to be there not more to come. Certainly not after the red card of Now. 1-1 it remained. Germany with one point after two matches. At three points of Sweden. Almost an unachievable task in order to overcome it.

Mental boost

But then came that negative exponent, that Toni Duckweed. That all of his passes did not foresee, that all of his shots allowed to creep in could be: he had the chance to work in minute 95 a free-kick to take. With a brief touch he had the ball ready to submit and curled he is over Olsen in the farthest corner. Relief, joy, great relief. Germany does. Even more so: this turn of events will give them a huge mental boost with the eye on the further tournament. Win against South Korea and then begins the world cup really for them. With Germans you are really never ready. Never.

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