Vitesse has a new main sponsor

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Vitesse has a new main sponsor. The Dutch premiere league club signed in Otterlo a contract with Droomparken.

Vitesse coach Leonid Slutsky

According to both parties it is a contract which on the longer term”. ,,It’s a profound cooperation including in the area of marketing and exposure”, let Sprint know.

,,Together with Droomparken wants to Vitesse as much as possible, the connect with supporters, businessclubleden and other partners. Under more there for the supporters and stakeholders of Vitesse special offers for a stay at Droomparken”, said commercial director Olivier Smith of Vitesse.

The new sponsor has fourteen Droomparken throughout the country, with the headquarters in the province Gelderland, Beekbergen. ,,In addition to a higher brand awareness, we would like to contribute to the ambition of Vitesse, to make a structural play for the places giving the right to European football and to get as far as possible, to come in the KNVB-cup”, says the management.

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