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Tunisia in sackcloth and ashes after rammeling of the Red Devils: ‘We look ridiculous’

5-2. The grades were heavy, on the field was Tunisia by a strong Belgium of the cabinet to the wall played. Coach Nabil Maaloul was afterwards in sackcloth and ashes. “We are ridiculed,” he said at his press conference after the match.

“We are ridiculed.’ With those words gave Maaloul to what he of the match against the Belgians thought. However, had the North Africans for the match high breast set up. They thought Belgium could win. Not so.

“If you are with a 5-2 lose, then you are ridiculed’, repeated Maaloul. “We may occasionally have played a role but the result is there and that is not nice. After the rest we got what kansjes but that also had a consequence that block us from each other fell and the Belgians were really much more can be scored. No, this was not a pleasant afternoon.’

‘However, we have really done our best. We knew, however, from the draw all that Belgium is a tough opponent would be. Like we would our apologies to offer to the fans of Tunisia, which are here so numerous were present. We will try in the future to do better.’

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