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Thundermother. Welcome in the youth club

Thundermother presented himself as a kind of AC/DC in place of Down Under from the far North came. With Filippa Nässil as Angus Young of service, which is the one after the other, no-nonsense riff by the Metal Dome is pursued.

Also Nässil is somewhere along the way all of its original members kwijtgespeeld, But there stops the comparison. Thundermother suffered from a number of feedback problems and in the number Nässil itself sang to a personeelsprobleem. Singer Guernica Mancini may sound as if they were during her youth in a bath of Bourbon is cases, they may be the long held out at least.

But well: Thundermother was mainly because they like to get up on a stage. That is to say not us, but the band itself. “We’re gonna fight/ for rock ‘n’ roll tonight”, it sounded in the valve. And ” I “m gonna sell my soul to rock n’ roll, was: ‘Hellevator’. Hey, cliches are there to use.

“I” m a dirty dirty dirty dirty badass chick, sang Mancini is still in that last number. This is where we need them to be equal in: Nässil used a beer bottle as a capodaster and drank it in a gulp empty, bassist Sara Petterson checked her smartphone, while she with one hand, her line played. In our local youth club we would wildenthousiast about have been – but maybe especially because there is already more drink would have been shed.

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