Thousands in London to take part in anti-brexitmars

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In the streets of London Saturday, exactly two years after the brexitreferendum, thousands of people samengestroomd to take part in an anti-brexitmars. The protesters, estimated at fifty thousand, pull in Westminster Pall Mall to the houses of parliament.

A part of the protesters campaigning for a second referendum on the Brexit, others want to then influence the brexit deal which the Uk government is currently negotiating with Brussels.

The organization behind the march, the People’s Vote, that the Brexit ‘not a done thing ” and calls the British ‘to have their voice loud to be heard’. She hopes the pressure on the British prime minister, Theresa May, and Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn.

On the other side of the spectrum took brexiteer Boris Johnson Friday in the newspaper The Sun is still hard to the premier. He warned in May for a ‘half-hearted brexit’. “The people don’t want that kind of hopeless compromise, ( … ), in which we are half in and half out of a political no-man’s land, with not a single minister more around the table in Brussels, but forced to follow the EU laws to obey,” said Johnson.

Narrow majority

On 23 June 2016, chose the British people in a referendum with a narrow majority of 52 per cent for the EU to leave. The negotiations between Brussels and London on the trip is expired difficult.

At the end of march 2019 wants Britain and the Union abandoned.

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