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This you need to know about Belgium – Tunisia

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The Red Devils are ready for the match against Tunisia on the second match day in group G. All eyes are focused on the troops of Roberto Martinez.

What should we think of Tunisia?

With Tunisia get the Red Devils a formidable opponent opposite him. The Eagles of Carthage made it to England very difficult. It took England blood, sweat, tears and score a goal in injury time to win. Tunisia impressed in their last three friendly matches: a 2-2 against Portugal, 2-2 against Turkey and a narrow 0-1 defeat against Spain.

Tunisia showed at the start of the tournament but also know that the believes in his world cup chances. ‘We carry the hopes of Africa”, confirmed coach Nabil Maaloul. ‘Tunisia has no star, but a strong team. We are in solidarity.’

Tunisia is stronger than Panama?

Tunisia showed against England that the two teeth sharper than Panama. Two conclusions about the game of Tunisia after the match:

1. You are never ready with Tunisia, they are very resilient. In the opening stages of the match against England, they were under heavy pressure, but after twenty minutes, they talk better, and, they managed to score. They are able to short passenspel, high pressure, and quickly break out. And that is all on a more than decent pace.

2. The Eagles know all the tricks of the foor to a contest of death or the pace to get out of. This gave Tunisia a penalty after Fakhreddine Ben Youssef theatrically to the ground was gone because of an elbow of Kyle Walker. Very clearly it was the elbow not, but there was a movement, and so could the referee the ball on the dot. At other times playing soccer against England itself works well.

What is the weak point of Tunisia?

England scored – as so often – after standaardfasen. That is the weak point of the Tunisians.

The Tunisian coach has also a lot of effort to get all noses in the same direction. Tunisia hopes on a world cup stunt against Belgium thanks to an injection of French talent. Four new players arrived only in march in the selection. The Tunisian anciens looked with furrowed eyebrows to the transfers. It is look or Maaloul against Belgium the French are going to use.

How did the Red Devils already against Panama?

The Red Devils won the match with 3-0. The collective performance was not great. The Devils played too long, too slow, without a lot of ideas. On De Bruyne, who, as much as possible the depth sought. But he also had a lot of sloppiness in his game, just like that other ball wizard Eden Hazard.

Fortunately, there was the individual talent, the flashes of Mertens, De Bruyne and Lukaku. That made along with Courtois the difference.

What if the Red Devils win or lose?

After their 3-0 victory against Panama are the Red Devils the lead in group G. They count just as England three points. Tunisia and Panama are still puntenloos. If the Red Devils win, they can Sunday, already sure of the second round. If England don’t lose to Panama – also a draw is allowed – is the eighth-final a fact. On the slotspeeldag against England then only the group’s profit on the game.

If Tunisia loses, is killed for the fifth time in a row in the first round of the world Cup.

Hit Thomas Vermaelen fit?

Central back is against Tunisia again Dedryck Boyata is expected on the part of Toby Alderweireld and Jan Vertonghen. The defender of Celtic didn’t do too badly against Panama and has established itself in the favor of Martinez played.

Thomas Vermaelen worked Thursday, his first group training session on Russian soil. He could, however, not yet in full. “The match against Tunisia is still too early,” said coach Martinez earlier this week at a press conference. “I think he will be ready for the match against England. I don’t want to rush it, because I was also very happy with the performance of Boyata. He did well in his world cup debut.’

What about Kompany?

Last Friday, former captain Vincent Kompany his debut on the training of the Red Devils. Until yesterday appeared as the defender of Manchester City, not on the training ground since he was hurt in the first friendly against Portugal at the groin.

The duel with Tunisia is anyway too early. Vince The Prince is being prepared for the clash with England at the slotspeeldag and the start of the second round.

Are the three yellow cards a problem?

With Vertonghen, Meunier and De Bruyne already on a yellow card behind their name, is Tunisia a nasty opponent. The are three players who are better on the field in the races that it is to do. Two yellow cards at the world cup is synonymous with a suspension. Only after the quarter-finals be any yellow cards is reduced to zero.

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