Straatprotest in Spain after the release of ‘wolf pack’

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In Spain, again street protests arise after the five suspects of a gang rape, calling themselves the ‘wolf pack’, call conditionally released. The five allowed home in the judgement of the court, to wait after a deposit of 6,000 euros was paid.

Five men were after a gang rape of an 18-year-old woman convicted for sexual abuse, but not for rape. Sexual abuse is a less serious crime than rape in Spain. The defendants were given a prison sentence of nine years, but both parties went against the judgment in appeal. The woman because she does not agree with the condemnation, the men because they are the punishment is too heavy.

The lawyers of the men asked the court to order the defendants in freedom to make a decision is in the file. Thursday was approved, because held was that the risk is not that they would flee or re-similar facts to commit. After paying a deposit of 6,000 euros may be the suspects home their judgment to wait and see. Three times per week, they should notify the court and their passports are for the time being lost. Contact with the victim, they should not have and Madrid, the city where the victim lives, for the moment.

The judgment of the district court lures in Spain again massive street protests. In Pamplona and Barcelona were many hundreds of people on the street. They expressed, through banners their displeasure about the release of the men, even provisionally.

The facts

The events keep Spain for two years in the ban. During the running of the bulls in Pamplona 2016 lured five men and a woman of eighteen years, to the basement of an apartment building along the trail. There they are, all five of us around the woman, dressed her and had unprotected sex with her. Some of the men filmed the whole event and shared the videos in their Whatsapp group.

No rape

In contrast to what was expected, was the court the five not guilty of rape. On the video it seems the woman is not distressed by her assailants. They underwent all apathetic, with closed eyes, and so there was, according to the court, no question of violence. The presence of violence or harassment is in Spain, the condition for rape, without these indicators there is the issue of sexual abuse, a crime which according to the Spanish legislation, a much less severe punishment.

Instead of the twenty years in prison that the twenty-somethings was in for rape, they were at the end of april was sentenced to nine years in prison and pay a compensation of 50,000 euros to the victim. This led to when all street protests.

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