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Skillet: christian metal between the satanists

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The prize for the most inane band name of Gmm goes to Skillet – all, most skillets, of course, be of metal. Not that the couple is John and Korey Cooper that their heart will come out. They are positive set. With thanks to the Lord Jesus.

Open with a cracker as a ‘Feel invincible’ testifies to have confidence in your work. The American metal band Skillet brings to the public for the Gmm-main stage, right at the jump …

Open with a cracker as a ‘Feel invincible’ testifies to have confidence in your work. The American metal band Skillet brings to the public for the Gmm-main stage, right at the jump with a pumped up chorus. ‘You make me feel invincible/ earthquake powerful/ just like a tidal wave, you make me brave’, buldert frontman John Cooper, one fist in the air. And who is that ‘you’ is so rich with inspiration sprinkles? God, of course.

That might seem strange at a festival full of heavy metals that previously to the underworld beckons – both the Swedish Ghost of the Polish Batushka sprinkled the last few days with inverted crosses, and with Marilyn Manson must be the incarnation of antichrist still to come. But Skillet is not only just about the biggest name in the current christian rock scene: it is proud of it.

Elvis, the antichrist

Cooper rebelled in his youth, however, itself briefly against religion. ‘Elvis was at our home for the antichrist, ” he said in the christian publication ThouShaltRock. ‘Even christian rock was banned, because my parents really believed that the drumbeats of the devil, and that christian rock was used to from souls to lure. But when I rock and metal discovered at a friend’s house, I fell in love with the genre. I loved the idea that this music could be used for a good purpose.’

The 43-year-old singer-bassist sees himself as a warrior of the faith – ‘it’s always about Jesus,’ is heard often – and peppered his songs with messages of positivism and strength in unity. That we heard Friday, when bands like Killswitch Engage or Parkway Drive – only used Cooper a lot less fucks. That is also just about the only thing the band reveals, as it turns out. ‘With us it took over a year for we understand that Skillet is a christian band, ” say Kevin (24) and Leen (21) that the first rows are waiting. “If you just listen, you’ll notice there is not as much of. We were particularly fan of the way they cello’s and violins in the mix with loud guitars. And the female drummer, which is also very good can sing.”

Linkin Park

Right: the charismatic Jen Ledger is in a whirlwind of grijsgeverfde hair her drum kit apart to whip. They headbangt so hard that her floor toms seem to play it with her forehead. Guitarist Korey Cooper roars again like a mad on the stage and plays with the same flair the synths. This hybrid between a catchy popgeluid and heavy guitars, did all the wonders for the commercial potential of Linkin Park – not haphazardly chosen example, because among other things, by the harmonies between Cooper and Ledger seems to be ‘Hero’ suspicious hard on LP’s ‘Papercut’. And in the meantime, Cooper to roar that he is ‘undefeated’ is – with his muscles, strong beard and heavy eyeshadow, he seems to be one of the testosteronspartanen from 300.

Skillet to get all the whey on hand: front we even saw someone with a T-shirt of Marilyn Manson meespringen on ‘Monster’. Crowdsurfers struggle no more about the dranghekkens, they vlíégen about it. After the passage of Skillet seemed to be the main stage ready to run a marathon, so much energy, they had in the whey pumped. Would it be something with divine inspiration?

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