Restaurant sends spokeswoman White House road

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WASHINGTON – A restaurant owner in Virginia spokeswoman Sarah Sanders of the White House, from his case because they for president, Donald Trump works. Sanders left Saturday via Twitter know that they are “politely” gave in to the request to leave out the Red Them in the town of Lexington.

“I try to people always treat with respect, even those with whom I disagree”, tweeted Sanders. “I will continue to do so.”

Last week ontstaken activists in Washington in anger when she Kirstjen Nielsen, who as minister responsible for the harsh anti-immigration policies, calculated in a Mexican restaurant and saw food.

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Anger over minister in a Mexican restaurant

The demonstrators did angry the popular restaurant MXDC Cocina Mexicana, near the White House, within. “Shame” and “stop separating families”, they called the bewindsvrouw. Nielsen is secretary of Homeland Security. After ten minutes, to be booed, he left Nielsen, the restaurant.

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