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Regulation in the week looking back, KW#25: the US wants to regulate

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In the past week in terms of regulation is about to happen to the globe. In the series, “regulating in the week, looking back,” we look to the week end to back and summarize, what, when, where, and by whom, said, thought, or decided was.

Michigan: immutability of the Blockchain is to be law

The US state wants to protect the immutability of the Blockchain by law. To the Deputy Curt presented Vander wall, a draft law to punish a violation of the coming of the law by the Change of a data set with up to 14 years in prison.

South Korea: US pressure on crypto exchanges need to be safer

While crypto-exchanges as well as banks in South Korea Laundry at the moment with the new Anti-money laws and Know-Your-Customer laws to fight, has the U.S. pressure on South Korea. According to the sanctions imposed by the United States, it was decided in South Korea, in the future more closely with the US to cooperate. Currently, the way to full observance of the laws seems to be still far away.

US Supreme Court expresses itself to Bitcoin

The U.S. Supreme Court commented on Cryptocurrencies. It was about future options for the taxation of crypto to win. Also still unresolved is the question of how to have this be classified legally, was a topic. What, however, is a thing remarkable: It was, in fact, the question of whether crypto could arrive currencies in the future in the Mainstream and how one is supposed to handle it. Has been clarified so far, however, nothing.

USA: Congress should monitor Privacy Coins better

A request from Robert Novy, the Chairman of the U.S. Secret Service, urged that they should regulate Privacy Coins better in the future and monitor. The classic accusation: you are financing drugs, terrorist and human trafficking. An action that leaves the old question, where actually lies the Problem.

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