Pentagon suspends military exercises with South Korea on

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The United States have military maneuvers with South Korea for an indefinite period of time suspended. That has the U.s. department of Defense Friday announced.

This makes American president Donald Trump, his promise to the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

During the historical meeting between Trump and Kim on 12 June, the American president promised to get the ‘war games’ (oorlogsspelletjes) with South Korea to stop. Which are, according to him, ‘provocative’ and ‘very expensive’. With his announcement seemed to Trump not only South Korea and other Asian allies of the US to surprise, but also the American army itself.

The Pentagon confirmed on Friday that military exercises with Seoul for an indefinite period would be suspended, ‘to the upcoming diplomatic negotiations led by Foreign Affairs minister Mike Pompeo to support’. ‘Further decisions will depend on whether North Korea in good faith and productive negotiations continues to maintain, ” says spokeswoman Dana White.

Last year, the 7,500 U.s. and 3,000 South Korean soldiers participate in the military maneuvers, Freedom Guardian called. In South-Korea are about 28.500 U.s. troops are stationed.

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