Peggy Vrijens and Mattijn Hartemink together in film Porcelain

96a0c6385c5a98a0cb4ef0da24c7a49f - Peggy Vrijens and Mattijn Hartemink together in film Porcelain

The Dutch actors Peggy Vrijens, Mattijn Hartemink and Gene Bervoets are soon to be seen in the new international co-production of Porcelain. The drama, that the beginning of 2019 will be released in cinemas, tells an unsettling story of a family that threatens to go to the push of fate.

Porcelain is the feature film debut of Dutch filmmaker Jenneke Boeijink. The Belgian actor Tom Vermeir (Belgica) plays a rich businessman who thinks a safe world, to have created for his son Thomas and wife Anna (Laura de Boer). They live on the top floor of an exclusive apartment complex, high and untouchable. But when Thomas gets sick, the first cracks in their perfect life.

“This is a personal film about my three biggest fears are going,” says director Boeijink. “The fear of being a bad mother, loss of control and death. These fears are universal.” They wrote the screenplay, with Thibaud Delpeut, artistic director of Theatre Utrecht.

The film is produced by New Amsterdam Film Company, in collaboration with the Wrong One (Belgium) and Verdeoro (Italy), made distributor, Paradiso Films, Saturday known.

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