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Parkway Drive: Even the drummer was upside down of

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What a contrast with Iron Maiden that just for Parkway Drive played. Where the British pensioners excelled in shorts, fancy dress and inter-plaagstootjes, was the Australians who are deadly earnest.

The face of singer Winston McCall was already on the rise on the storm, the muscles tense, a vein throbbing on the forehead. At their fifth passage in Dessel, was the bar high, he realized: ‘It is an honour to be allowed to play after one of the best bands in the world.’

If to make a point threw Parkway Drive ‘Dedicated’. ‘Twelve years I fought for this/ no compromise, no surrender’, outlined McCall the path of the band, with increasing anger. The 35-year-old proved such a convincing performer we heard on Friday no one authentic growl – that he had his own band back home played. Even the drummer was upside down.

That last we mean quite literally: Ben Gordon sat with his drum kit in an iron cage, and if during ‘Crushed’ a few laps overkop. Meanwhile, stakes his companions almost the entire stage in fire: Parkway Drive offered just the right dose metalmegalomanie without hilarious. Just ask our eyebrows, the scorching fireballs from the stage during ‘The Void’ did not survive.

With their latest album Fear made Parkway Drive, the leap from niche metalcore to heavy stadiongeluid, witness the openingsduo ‘Wishing wells’ and ‘Prey’. In the ‘Vice grip’ showed they still have bass and drums to the cobblestones of the Koppenberg would be able to vibrate. But after that seething openingsalvo fell songs like ‘Karma,’ what is flat: that floated more on energy than on songkwaliteit.

However, controlled Parkway Drive what metal bands can grow into headliners: they mix a meezingfactor with a believable intensity. If it is true that ‘the truth drops like a bomb’, as McCall says, then there is one: maybe Parkway Drive the future of the metalmeeting.

Parkway Drive, 22 June 2018, Graspop

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