Paris and Madrid want vluchtelingencentra EU

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PARIS – France and Spain want the EU closed vluchtelingencentra. The migrants in these centres should as soon as possible, to hear whether their asylum application is accepted.

Emmanuel Macron (R) with Pedro Sanchez.

The French president Emmanuel Macron presented the plan on Saturday during a joint press conference with the Spanish leader Pedro Sánchez. They met in Paris.

Macron and Sánchez found that the detention centres should be financed with European money. Macron will find that there are financial penalties against EU countries that are not migrants want to collect of whom the asylum application is granted. “It can’t be that many countries benefit from the solidarity of the EU and then, very clearly, their national egoism express when the to migrantenkwesties go”, said the French president.

Sixteen leaders of EU countries coming Sunday in Brussels to find solutions to the migration issues in Europe. At the summit, on the initiative of the German chancellor Angela Merkel is also prime-minister Mark Rutte were present.

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