Monique Westenberg was ‘piece’ during relatiepauze with André Hazes

b976b2b8675371928396c515eb36ef8c - Monique Westenberg was 'piece' during relatiepauze with André Hazes

During the marital breakdown of Monique Westenberg (40) André Hazes (24), which is about a month lasted, the couple temporarily separated. According to Westenberg, she was more hope that the relationship restored was the singer.

“We are a while apart to go and live in the hope of again to each other to grow. But suddenly it made André clearly that we really are from each other,” says Westenberg, in conversation with the magazine WOMAN.

“Painful, because I felt it not.” This caused a lot of grief, ” she explains. “At the same time was to my grandmother in the hospital and went with my dog very bad. Everything came out at the same time. I was really piece.”

Westenberg took then away and noticed that Hazes then went to her toetrok, something that was reflected during their joint vacation to Mexico. That was already planned for the couple decided to go.

“I rejoiced me very much on that holiday. It could go one of two ways, but I had good hope that he would be ‘countries’ and understand what is of real value. That’s what happened.”

In scene

Also says Westenberg, that they really thought that the viewers of the SBS-reallifesoap André Hazes: I get the most out of the life , thought, and that the marital breakdown in scene was set for higher ratings. “If they only knew how broken I was…”

The set, that 1.5 years ago, parents of André junior, is now looking for a home where they can live and is also concerned with starting a family. “The fertilized fetus is already waiting in the freezer,” says Westenberg.

“I have no fallopian tubes, so when I André got to know I already knew that we have a process in should. We started with IVF and eventually became the ICSI. There came a number of non return rate at which we can use.”


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