MNM made 461 hours Marathonradio for studying Flanders

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Peter Van de Veire, Julie Of the Stone and Brahim Attaeb introduced themselves in the past weeks fully available to study in Flanders. Friday night at 19 o’clock, after 461 hours of live radio, was their work on it. With music, advice and physical support of the Marathonradio Rescue Team – Tom De Cock, Dorianne Aussems, Laura Govaerts and Sander Gillis – supported they are students in the whole of Flanders. Three weeks on, one-piece presented the MNM djs a non-stop radio show packed with study and ontspanningstips to blocking students a heart under the belt to sting. For the second year in a row the whole of the period to broadcast live from the Marathonradiohuis in Leuven.
But the end of Marathonradio does not mean the end of the support. From Monday 25 to Thursday 28 June glances the dj’s daily between 12.00 and 13.00 hours back during Marathonradio: The Report and hear they like how all of ‘their students’ the it disabused. On Friday 29 June, the Marathonradio Rescue Team for one last time on the road, because also this year the MNM djs effectively to the reports of the listeners. The youth radio station, supports all to the last stretch and makes for a fabulous start to the summer holidays.

Marathonradio 2018 in figures
19 days Marathonradio is good for 461 hours of live radio and 970 times, “Yes, we can!”
But less than 82 artists came along in the Marathonradiohuis in Leuven and 28 companies were each 2 hours long radio.The Marathonradio Rescue Team with Tom De Cock, Dorianne Aussems, Laura Govaerts and Sander Gilis came to thousands of students and helped all students in need and their network: parents, family, friends, classmates, etc. This put them 11 000 km with 2 Marathonradio cars. The Marathonradio Rescue Team shared a whopping 20 700 Marathonradiomarkeerstiften in 3 different colors and got 40 questions with teachers .

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