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Megadeth. Compete for the biggest

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‘You! Come on! Next victim! Your turn to die!’ Dave Mustaine of Megadeth was wearing ‘My last words’ on to the Saturday death Pantera-drummer Vinnie Paul. It was a reminder that even the great ones from the metal scene sooner or later come to go two years ago it was Mustaine also drummer Nick Menza lost.

That role is these days completed by the Los Angeles living Belgian Dirk Forfeit, but on his return to the Heimat were not a lot of words to dirt. Nothing, actually, because Mustaine said, his own texts as if he’s thought about is also good enough.

What a difference with the concentrated way in which the members of the band, already 90 percent built out hair and guitar solos, their strings touched. The Brazilian Kiko Loureiro made an impression in ‘Dystopia’, the title track of their latest album. There he went shoulder to shoulder with Mustaine, to a minutes of the duel to fight over who the greatest was. Guitar solo, we mean.

In ‘Symphony of destruction’ flowed a sea of crowdsurfers towards the stage – as if the pied piper involved was – but at this Megadeth show was all in all very little destruction involved. ‘You’ve been great, we’ve been Megadeth’, closed Mustaine set. We had the better summarize it – vice versa would be the case where you don’t.

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