Mayor of Genk helped Bart Peeters

66c96ea87d930e14592483e8471e2ff6 - Mayor of Genk helped Bart Peeters

In the night from Friday to Saturday trad Bart Peeters from Genk On Stage. The singer had more recordings for The Voice of Flanders in the VTM building, where he was in the jury. Apparently, the clothing of Bart left to the Medialaan, writes het belang Van Limburg. During the trip to Genk was called or someone for a shirt could provide. In the parking lot, there was someone ready with a white shirt, and that turned out to Genks mayor Wim Dries himself. The wife of the mayor is apparently a fierce fan of Bart Peeters and that shirt doesn’t she have more to wash, said the mayor himself.
Bart Peeters posted, by the way, hemdenwissel on his social media.

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