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Lukaku: ‘We are not the top favourites to win a world CHAMPIONSHIP’

0715dd30c10ec5e95bdb0084b9fb51bf - Lukaku: ‘We are not the top favourites to win a world CHAMPIONSHIP’

The euphoria is great after the blitzprestatie of the Red Devils against Tunisia at the world cup, but Romelu Lukaku said after the match that we are still not too high of the tower should blow. “We are still not the top favourites,” he said.

“We have still not our best level, we can make it even better,” said Romelu Lukaku after the match at Sporza. “We do have better played than against Panama, but we shall later on better countries to play. There, we will be more focused, so that we score more goals.”

It was a beautiful afternoon for Lukaku, who once again scored, and now all four times, scored at this world cup. He is currently topschutter, together with Cristiano Ronaldo. Who scored already four times for Portugal. And there it was, the Belgian striker is only too well aware. When he birthday was because he is now world cup-topschutter is, he responded as follows: “I am not the only topschutter hey. There is still someone next to me. But that topschutterstitel is my ultimate goal. I want to be as far as possible at this world cup.’

The attacker of Manchester United refused the Belgians already one of the favorites to be called to win a world CHAMPIONSHIP. “We are still not well-liked. We can do a lot of threatening, that we have shown today, but I think we can do better than today. That we will try to show in the next game.’

Tielemans: “King Philip was a very proud’

Youri Tielemans, still only 21 years of age, should also show up with the Red Devils. He signed immediately for an assist for the fifth goal of the Belgians. ‘Beforehand I had already said that I am eager to play, and I’m very happy that I was allowed to raids. I am also glad that I am good sunken, with a good assist. I saw Michy walk and I thought, “I let him score”. I think that we very well have started with a quick goal and the 2-0 came quickly. We were very focused, and now we must hold it fast to the end. It is a pity of the tegendoelpunten, but offensively we were very strong.’

After the match visited king Philip the dressing room of the Red Devils in Moscow. “He came to thank everyone,” commented Williams. “He was very proud that we have so Belgium represent.’

Carrasco: ‘Against England playing to win’

Also Yannick Carrasco came his say in the media. “This is good for the team,” he said. “We knew in advance that we are easy to score and Tunisia also had to come. Therefore, we got a lot more space. We have that when used by a good between the lines to play.’

“Against England we should just for the victory. That would be good for the confidence in the team.’

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