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Lukaku, Hazard and Mertens walk damage, Martinez thinks of substitutions against England

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The Red Devils were not at all steering it successfully from the spectacle of Saturday afternoon in Moscow against Tunisia. Romelu Lukaku, Eden Hazard and Dries Mertens were injuries, as confirmed head coach Roberto Martinez after the match.

The threesome was after the break, also changed. ‘Romelu is going to the outer ankle ligament injury of the left foot. He has that injury sustained in the first half. Then he tried to continue to play, but could not. About 48 hours we will have that injury evaluated. Also Mertens had charge of the room, with the Hazard was the calf hit’, sounded the coach still worried.

For Mertens and Lukaku is still waiting for Hazard itself does not have to worry too much. “I felt in the first half or something, but I don’t think it’s serious. Tomorrow/Sunday would be the all in order – I think, ” commented Hazard.

The Red Devils are already almost sure of the second round, all they need to do so, yet the outcome of the duel between England and Panama from Sunday to wait and see. A draw between England and Panama are the English still not quite sure of the second round. Provided that a victory of England, stands on the slotspeeldag in Kaliningrad, the group’s profit on the program, and that while the program is currently easier to look for the number two from the group.

Martinez is for that contest with a few changes in his basisploeg in the back of his mind, as he showed Saturday means. “If we time seven days had to have a competition to prepare for, I would be the same eleven names on the kick-off. However, this is the world cup and a lot of time, there is not between the races. The reality is that we already qualified, there can be opportunities for others against England – there are 23 players in this group. In addition, we must also take into account the injuries.’

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