Jokes in Switch not rehearsed

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Adriaan Van den Hoof is mid-July, back on post with the Switch. In Gazet van Antwerpen, he tells us that the jokes in the program spontaneously. “Of the game is that I can’t deviate, but it’s built around may I pretty much freewheeling. There is space for a sentence story or a dash of humor. But that is not a obligatory cost. It must be entirely spontaneous upwelling. With lots of quizzes and other programs are there keiveel jokes on agreed beforehand. But in the flush of ready-made jokes, such as in The Smartest Human being I really had no sense. Did before you still bother to be a bit of a spontaneous do happen, but the last time I see some members of the jury their so-called spontaneous jokes really reads. I know that that is easy, but to me, it doesn’t work. And yes, maybe I have bad luck that there is absolutely nothing funny from me. But that is not very. In the first place, is the Switch still a quiz.”

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