Jogger 2 weeks after accidentally crossing border USA

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WHITE ROCK – An innocent piece of running recently for a teenager from France smeared on two-week cell in the US. The 19-year-old Cedella Novel was on a visit to her mother in the southwest of Canada. When they are a piece of go jogging, I passed it without knowing the border with the US where they are by the border police was held.

The 19-year-old Cedella Novel.

The runner was oblivious when she was on her run began to enter the beach towards the south. During the run she went to the municipality and shortly after, the border with the United States.

When Cedella stopped to take a picture of the photogenic surroundings, she was stopped by two border guards. “One of the men said that I the border illegally was gone”, tells the girl to CBC News. “I told him that I did not intentionally had done and I had no idea what was going on.”

She had on the road, no signs, but the security guards hustle her with her nose on the facts. “We have security cameras seen you illegally cross the border are gone,” said one of the guards.

Picked up

Cedella thought that she would come with a penalty, but nothing was less true. She was in a barred boevenwagen to a detention facility established in Tacoma, about two hundred kilometres away in the state of Washington. “At the time that I was in the armored car was lifted, I was overwhelmed by emotions,” says the excited girl.

When the mother of Cedella, Christiane Ferne, was informed of the remarkable incident, she is immediately in the car jumped to her daughter free. Christiane had the necessary documents brought to her daughter. It took two weeks before the Canadian and Us authorities agree that the young French woman to return to Canada if.


The U.s. government let know in a comment that it is everyone’s own responsibility to the appropriate paper in your pocket-a land border of the United States to cross. “People who are close to the border and living must at all times identity papers in his pocket.”

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