Italy pulls off to the Macron on migration

25605245e0ad1a02fb95750721340910 - Italy pulls off to the Macron on migration

ROME – The Italian deputy prime minister Luigi Di Maio warns “arrogant France” that it is in the area of migration “enemy number one” of Italy might be. On his Facebook page asked Di Maio that the French president Emmanuel Macron incorrectly gives the impression that the bad with the migration issues.

Luigi Di Maio.

Di Maio is upset about the pronunciation of Macron that there is now not such a big crisis in the field of migration as in 2015. According to the French president, the migratory flow by the cooperation of the European countries considerably decreased.

Di Maio said that Macron with that statement has demonstrated that he is out of touch with reality has lost. “Italy has in the area of migration indeed to do with a state of emergency,” said Di Maio. “And that is in part because France at the border, and people are returning.”

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