Incredibles-director keeps Oscars in the attic

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It took fourteen years, but the fans can next week to finally figure out how it goes with the superheldengezin from the Disney/Pixar mega-hit The Incredibles. Director Brad Bird has delivered a sequel that in America all the records it has broken.

Brad Bird

“It’s nice that the film is well received,” admits the director, who also successes like Ratatouille and The Iron Giant made. “Though I read rare reviews. Whether they are good or bad, on this movie I can not do anything more to change. And the criticism is usually not very useful for next projects. Actually, they lead only.”

The 60-year-old filmmaker returned with Incredibles 2 back to the animatiegenre, after two live-action outings to Mission: Impossible 4 and Tomorrowland (featuring George Clooney). “It is not necessarily easier to make an animated film to make,” says Bird BuzzE. “But you can make the circumstances better to your hand. You do you do not have to worry about the weather, as we had to do when Tom Cruise on the Burj Khalifa hung. You have more regular working hours, never have to three hours for a ochtendshoot.”

Personal story

Making vervolgfilms has not preferred for Bird, he acknowledges. “I want to be myself not to repeat. But Incredibles has a special place in my heart; I have the first project from the beginning to the end developed. It seems to be a superheldenfilm, but it is a very personal story about the relationships within a family – my family actually.” In addition, it is so much easier to make a sequel in Hollywood. A big live-action project of Bird about the earthquake San Francisco in 1906, struck, collapsed. “I liked the feeling of that first part back to find, also for me as a maker.”

For Incredibles 2, he made use of almost the same crew as fourteen years ago. “You know that people half a word is enough,” he explains. “Making a film is a very uncomfortable process: it is a continuous struggle for something better to consider. You can’t have a second to lean back. Therein is the difference, or your animation or live action.” The biggest problem was finding a good story. “The first part was an enormous lot of technical challenges: things like hair, people, water, and fire were still very difficult to digitally animate. Fourteen years later, it was that much easier.” But especially finding a good villain in part 2 proved to be very difficult. “In addition, we had less time than planned. Since Toy Story 4 was delayed, we had half a year earlier.”

The success will do him good. Though the American under all conditions down to earth, a lesson that he himself, early in his career learned. “The two Oscars that I have won are also in the attic,” he laughs. “I am very proud of. But from me, no-one needs to see them. Also about that kind of prices, you should never be silly.”

The Incredibles 2 runs from this weekend in the English language and the English dubbed version in the cinemas.

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