Free flights for children of divorced parents were

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The Mexican airline Volaris offers free flights for families who were separated at the Mexican-American border, as a result of the policy of migration in the United States.

“We find it terrible to see that children become separated from their parents and it is our calling them back together,” wrote Volaris in a press release.

The airline wants to work with the governments in America, Mexico and other Central American countries to get children back with their families. Volaris flies to 65 destinations in Mexico, the US, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Costa Rica.

Four American airlines asked the U.s. government had no to make use of their flights to children from their parents. More than 2,300 children since april, to other American states flew, while their parents are still stuck at the border. Some of the parents are from the country, while their children are still in the United States. Thursday early El Salvador the expulsion of a seven year old boy to America, after his father was sent to his homeland without his child.

President, Trump introduced a policy of zero tolerance on the border. All adults who are illegal border crossing, were arrested. Minors were cared for in centers. A result of this policy was that children were separated from their parents. Trump announced Wednesday an end of the scheidingsbeleid, but it is not sure how the families can be found. Under the new regime, will families now together in detention to be held, instead of separately.


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