France and Spain are arguing for closed vluchtelingencentra in Europe

78b9dba5966f138813fb92131f434aa8 - France and Spain are arguing for closed vluchtelingencentra in Europe

France and Spain break a lance for closed vluchtelingencentra in Europe. There should be migrants can get help as soon as they are in Europe arrive, and there they would remain until their asylum application has been studied.

For that idea to succeed, there must be European solidarity and immediate financial support, so said the French president Emmanuel Macron on Saturday after a meeting with the Spanish prime minister Pedro Sánchez.

That European solidarity must apply both for whom the right to asylum turns out to have as well as for migrants whose asylum application was rejected. In that latter case, the migrants to their country of origin, traceable, and certainly not to transit’, says Macron.

Today, there are almost no closed centres in Europe where migrantendossiers be examined, except in a few centres in Greece and Italy, which are managed by the High Commissioner for Refugees United Nations (UNHCR). The French-Spanish proposal want that initiative on a large scale to develop.

European Council president Donald Tusk picked up earlier this week with the proposal to outside the European Union centres in focus, where economic refugees and migrants are separated. In such ‘regional ontschepingscentra’ would be viewed who is in need of international protection and who is an economic migrant, and therefore no right to asylum in Europe.

Penalties for weigeraars

Macron spoke Saturday also still out for financial penalties for EU member states that refugees refuse to take. “We cannot countries who flock to enjoy the solidarity of the EU and, on the other hand, massively, their national egoism claim if the migration arrives,” said the French president.

Sixteen of the 28 EU heads of state and government to keep Sunday in Brussels in an informal discussion about the refugees. The minitop will take place in the run-up to the European summit at the end of next week on the issue. The divisions over the approach to be taken is large.

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