Ex-player Liverpool let brain tumor removal

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VALENCIA – Former footballer José Enrique has the past week as a brain surgery undergone to a rare tumor removal.

José Enrique in his time at Liverpool.

That has the 32-year-old former player of Newcastle, Liverpool and Real Zaragoza of the Spanish media told. “Apologies that I have nothing of me to be heard. The are the toughest weeks of my life”, the Spanish footballer on his Instagram know.

Jose Enrique on Instagram.


“In the past month, I found out that I have a rare brain tumor have and I have to undergo surgery to have them removed. I am now recovering and very grateful. Life is very valuable,” he writes in a photo of themselves.

Double vision

Enrique put down last year after a lingering knee injury a point behind his voetballoopbaan. During an evening in England with Brighton manager Chris Hughton, he got a headache. “The next morning I had no good control over it, and I went twice to see it,” he said in Spanish newspaper Marca. When a control had a tumor behind his eye detected.

Liverpool would like to wish the ex-player on Twitter a full and speedy recovery.

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