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Ethereum Co-Founder: “Wall Street gets trillions of USD in crypto pumps”

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Charles Hoskinson, co-founder of Ethereum and co-founder of Cardano, declared via Twitter, that critics would overlook the gigantic number of institutional investors, who are waiting to leave your money in crypto-currencies flow.

According to Hoskinson, the Wall Street is ready “to invest tens of thousands of trillions” of US dollars to the “next wave of regulation”.

The statement is, in our view, therefore so remarkable, because Charles Hoskinson not normally known for bull is the publishing of Statements to the crypto currency market, and its price development.

Hoskinson, the founder of IOHK and Cardano is actually known to the development of the technology and the benefits of this for the humanity, in the foreground. In this respect, the Statement from our point of view is quite extraordinary and all the more remarkable.

The Wall Street waits

As we reported over the past few weeks, waiting to enter a large number of “Big players” of Wall Street in the crypto-currency market and to pumps so that large amounts of institutional money in the market.

The Goldman Sachs-supported Startup Circle recently announced to launch with the support of Bitmain a Stablecoin, in order to minimize the volatility in the cryptocurrency market and pave the Wall Street investors. Goldman Sachs even announced that in addition to that, a Bitcoin-Trading Desk, to introduce, via the institutional investors with large amounts of money directly in the bitcoin trade to get in.

The largest stock market in the US, the Nasdaq led a few weeks ago, that Bitcoin and Ethereum could soon be on Nasdaq traded, if the necessary regulations are introduced and the market is “ripe” for it.

Coinbase developed with Coinbase Custody in cooperation with the SEC a Service to cryptographic standards currencies, according to the highest security to be able to store. Furthermore, it was created with Coinbase Prime an environment that is designed to meet the needs of institutional investors, tailored.

With the Hardware Wallet manufacturer Ledger, as well as Nomura and Global Advisors three well-known companies have joined together to develop a stock exchange, with the name Komainu, which is only permitted for large investors such as institutional investors.

In London is gone by the end of may, a new crypto-currency stock exchange, LMAX, Digital at the Start, the only institutional investors to access. On this platform, established crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple and Bitcoin Cash should be tradable.

The Winklevoss twins-powered crypto-currency exchange, Gemini has entered into a partnership with Caspian, to connect institutional traders with multiple exchanges through a single interface. In addition, Gemini works together with the Nasdaq, in order to create a safer trading platforms and to meet the technical demands of institutional traders.

All in all, is progressing the development of the crypto-forward currencies, despite the current bear market and downward trends.

As Charles Hoskinson, waiting for the Wall Street literally “to pump tens of thousands of trillions” of US dollars to the “next wave of regulation” in the crypto market. Currently represent crypto-currencies only a small fraction of the global assets of around US $ 250 billion, while other assets trillions of dollars.

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