Erica Terpstra has still in contact with childhood sweetheart

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Erica Terpstra met two years ago her childhood sweetheart Robbie during the filming of Erica on a Trip. The former politician still has contact with him.

Robbie lives in Colombia, where he moved for the love. Terpstra arranged a meeting with him when she was the country visited for her travel plan.

“I’ve still got contact with him,” says Terpstra to De Telegraaf. “Believe me, you can best contact with a man who is married to someone else.”

Former zwemkampioene Terpstra (75) met her childhood sweetheart at the swimming club when she was only fifteen years old. “There were students from Delft, the layers in the morning in the pool, then they went together to drink coffee and play billiards. I would like to be, because there was someone with whom I had fallen in love, Robbie, a student who is six year older than I was.”

According to Terpstra led her infatuation indirectly to her glorious zwemcarrière. “When I went swimming with the boys, it turned out that I was talented and it was there said:” If you’re still going fast, then you also need to match.’ If I was English aspirantenkampioen.”


The presenter is already traveling for the new season of the Omroep MAX-program Erica on a Journey, where unexpected yet again a new season of came.

“I now have two trips and there are two. I have my training schedule doubled on a journey as mobile as possible. I train four times per week with a personal trainer at the boulevard in Scheveningen, where I live, and I also go to the gym. I’m at the boxing.”


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