Ellemieke Vermolen: glad I can do something

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Ellemieke Vermolen is glad that she is back what tv could do it since they last year old son Josha lost just before his birth. Together with her brother Jeremy, she is the face of the RTL-program Boss BBQ.

Ellemieke Vermolen and Sergio Herman.

After the drama of last year will be reasonable, Ellemieke. “Well, it is maybe a big word, but it’s okay,” said the presenter at RTL. “I’m glad I can do something. I think that’s a lot of fun, as a distraction, but also just with my brother.”

The grief after losing her son stashed them in the meantime certainly not. “It is part of your life, you’re just drawn. It is a scar forever. And since you try as well as possible to deal with them,” says Ellemieke, that it is so now, and then again hard. “Occasionally, that scar really opened because, for example, a year ago, or because of memories, holidays, everything,” she explains. “And sometimes it is okay. Then the day just fine.”

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