Dozens of surrogate mothers were discovered in two apartments in Cambodia

In Cambodia were 33 pregnant women discovered that if a surrogate mother bore children for Chinese couples. Surrogacy is illegal in Cambodia, there were five people arrested.

The police found the women after a raid in the apartments. Five people, including a Chinese manager, were arrested in Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia. They were accused of smuggling and involvement in surrogacy. The pregnant women risk at this time is not persecution. The women were each $ 10,000 promised.

That country is a popular destination for infertile couples who want to have a child via a surrogate mother. Commercial surrogacy, however, was banned in Cambodia in 2016.

The Cambodian women got $ 500 once they were pregnant. After the birth, they were given $ 300 per month, until they have an amount of 10,000 dollars had been given. Using this method there were 20 babies of Chinese couples sold.

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