Dozens injured in explosion during campagnemeeting president of Zimbabwe

During a campagnemeeting of president Emmerson Mnangagwa in Zimbabwe has Saturday, an explosion occurred. People were dozens of wounded, but Mnangagwa was unharmed.

The explosion took place in a stadium where president Mnangagwa just hundreds of followers spoke to had, near the stand on which the head of state was. The state of Zimbabwe reports that 42 injured, six of whom were seriously injured.

About the cause of the explosion is as yet nothing known.

On 30 July, there are parliamentary and presidential elections in Zimbabwe, the first since the resignation in november of last year president Robert Mugabe, the country for decades with an iron hand led. Mugabe was pushed aside in favour of Mnangagwa, his former vice president, who at the elections, candidate for the ruling party, the Zimbabwean-PF. Observers expect that Mnangagwa that the elections effortless wins.

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